The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie a True Patriot

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The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie a True Patriot

Author: Tamara Thayer


The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie a True Patriot is written about Tamara’s famous 4 times great-grandmother who stood up to Stonewall Jackson and refused to have her flag disrespected. John Greenleaf Whittier wrote a poem about her that made her name live on in history. 

“Tamara Thayer takes the reader on a journey to verify the family story she’s heard all her life regarding her historically-famous ancestor, Barbara Fritchie. Despite meeting dead ends and conflicting evidence along the way, she conducted extensive research with passion and unwavering energy, continually questioning the authenticity of information she encountered. At the conclusion of her journey, she arrived at convincing conclusions that validate her admirable family legacy and pride.”

——Ellen Bisping, MA and Ed. Spec Degrees, English teacher in Fairbault, MN



”The Mystery of Barbara Fritchie is a beautifully written, articulate, and scholarly book. Extensive research, layout, photographs, and descriptive skills are extraordinary. Scholarly, but very readable. Photographs and illustrations are extensive, interesting, clear and well described. I learned a lot more about the Civil War than I had known before. A fascinating book.”

——Thomas P. Ostrom, Author, Teacher, Veteran