Blood in the Sand by Samantha Seestrom

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3rd in the series. 


Blood in the Sand


Princess Maeina Emerson has the perfect life. With a wonderful husband, a beach house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, and a baby on the way, she should have everything she's ever wanted. So why does she continue to dream of a man she hasn't seen in five years?

Beck Hudson is a successful restaurant owner at the young age of twenty-three, but even with a gorgeous girl by his side, something in his life is missing. Beck dreamt of a mysterious blonde every night for the past five years. 

When a wedding thrusts Marina and Beck together once again, old flames ignite and memories return. Although Beck is in a relationship, and Marina is married to her prince, they can't deny the pull toward one another. With a lurking threat of Cordelia closer than they think, will they be able to survive without one another?

Caspian Adair betrayed his best friend when he chose to join the sides od the heinous Cordelia Anahi. With a new love and a secrer to keep safe, Caspian will do everything in his power to gain back Marina's trust and convince her to help him save the ones he loves most. 

Jackson James has lived a majority of his life below the surface, but since his daughter has joined the air-breathers on land, Jackson returns to a world he hasn't known since he was a teenager. As he adjusts to human life with Marina by his side, will he reach out to his family who jas been missing him for ovee two decades?