Ashes of the Sea by Samantha Seestrom

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2nd in the series. 


Ashes of the Sea:


She never chose to be a princess. She never asked for astonishing powers. And she never intended on falling in love with a human. After defeating her adoptive mother and ex-empress Cordelia in order to save Beck, Princess Marina Kenryk feels trapped in City of Zale, the kingdom she calls home. As she assists her family in rebuilding the kingdom, she’s faced with an unwanted arranged marriage to a prince, and she longs to be back above the Surface with Beck.

Beck Hudson hasn’t been the same since his experience below the Surface. High school is a literal nightmare as he’s plagued by visions of his dead friends, and home is no sanctuary with dreams that haunt his sleep.

When Marina discovers imminent danger involving Beck, she escapes City of Zale in search of her one true love. Once above the Surface, Marina will team up with an unexpected ally, defer from her responsibilities, and she’ll learn the truth about those closest to her.