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Lisa - A Walk in His Garden Essential Oil Products

Posted by KENDRA SAYLOR on

Hi there, I'm Lisa Trask, owner of A Walk In His Garden-Fine Essential oil Products. I began my faith based business in 2017.
A little bit about myself... I come from a small, but tight-knit family and we love doing things together whether it be gathering for a meal together or taking family vacations together. I have a daughter who lives in California-she was the only adventurous one of us to leave the state! I've always been a crafty person and enjoy creating things.
I mostly create body products(facial scrub, brown sugar scrubs, bath salts, green clay facial masks, hand/body creams and more!), and all of them are handmade with natural ingredients and essential oils. I've never been a fan of having to take medications unless absolutely necessary, so using what nature/God gives us instead just makes sense to me. Researching the ingredients that I use for all of my products ensures that I'm offering products of the highest quality! I also have friends and family help test my products before I offer them for sale.
I've been into the benefits of using essential oils for several years now and having my products in this amazing store is one of the ways that I can share those benefits with others. Using products without all the additives and preservatives is so much more healthy for you! I would also have to say that the favorite part of my business is two-fold:  1) I get to chat with/educate people about the benefits of using natural products and 2) I enjoy the time that I get to spend creating/making all of my products. Thanks for supporting small businesses like mine by shopping local!
Fun fact about myself:  I like to collect tea pots!  They do need to be unique-I have one shaped like a sea shell, one like a country church, and several fruit shaped ones to name a few. :)

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