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Jodi - Wildwood Designs

Posted by KENDRA SAYLOR on

I've been in business for 20 years. You could say, I've been crafting ever since my fine motor skills kicked in.

I've sold jewelry, bead-azzled stemware, and serve-ware for a number of years. Aside from Minnesota, my work has been displayed in Jasper, AL, Clarksdale, MS, Morrison, CO, and the glorious French Quarter of New Orleans.

I was born in Luck, Wisconsin. I was educated in a 2-room schoolhouse. I'm just your average Jodi Ingalls-Wilder, one could say. Ma and Pa still reside in my childhood home. After high school, I packed my belongings into a horseless-carriage and moved to the big city of Duluth, Minnesota to further my education. I've lived in Minnesota ever since.

I've dabbled in many careers. I've cleaned teeth, cleaned houses, cleaned yards, and (after birthin' 2 lovely daughters) cleaned baby butts.

My main skill is sorting beads. I like them organized and ready to go! I love applying beads on stemware and cake servers, to dazzle-up the sweetheart table at your picture-perfect wedding. My perfectly sorted beads are used to make jewelry as well.

All (color-coordinated) beads aside, I enjoy working with natural stones. As a long-time thrift store scavenger, I've learned how to glamorize secondhand clothing. I've been up-cycling for decades, long before the term was coined. So, if you have a hankering for a bit of environmentally-respectful, responsibly-sources, oo-la-la glamorously hand sewn sparkles, I'm your gal.

I needs to watch my stories, I'm talking Honey BooBoo, The Handmade's Tale, and Grace & Frankie. Any craft that allows me to lounge on my chaise is my favorite. Since all of my creations are hand sewn, handcrafted, hand-beaded, I'm getting plenty of couch-time. 

I'm a barrel of monkeys-type of fun. Let's link arms (virtually) and have a good ole-fashioned bead-sortin' party.


Find Jodi's items at: https://yoursandminemn.com/collections/wildwood-designs



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